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Innovative Vinyl Cladding Transforms Texan Wing Bar

by | Oct 17, 2023

Experience Superior Aesthetics and Performance with Diamond Core SPC at Gold Reef City’s Culinary Haven


Vinyl Wall Cladding is revolutionary, offering unparalleled aesthetic and functional benefits. Conway Flooring and Decking, in collaboration with Kirsty Badenhorst Interiors, demonstrated this innovation at the esteemed Texan Wing Bar in Gold Reef City by installing Diamond Core SPC, a fusion of elegance and durability.

Project Objectives and Challenges:

The design industry calls for resilient, adaptable, and aesthetically pleasing materials. Traditional cladding materials have limitations, often posing maintenance, durability, and elegant adaptability challenges. The project at Texan Wing Bar required a solution that could integrate seamlessly with the interior’s ambience, bringing the practical benefits of modern materials to the forefront. Vinyl Cladding, with its low maintenance and high durability, was the answer, enhancing the space with sophisticated aesthetics and unparalleled versatility.

Diamond Core SPC: The Pinnacle of Innovation:

The Diamond Core represents a deliberate departure from traditional luxury vinyl tiles. Its rigid stone plastic composite core guarantees superior performance and longevity, establishing it as the go-to choice for spaces exposed to high temperatures. Diamond Core SPC stands out, offering superior stability and dimensional accuracy – four times that of regular vinyl tiles.

The Installation Process:

Conway Flooring and Decking is committed to providing a truly seamless experience from start to finish. We take pride in our top-tier service and craftsmanship, ensuring every project is managed with care and attention to detail. Our competitive pricing and straightforward quote acquisition process make choosing our services a no-brainer, ensuring our clients experience unparalleled service quality and value.

Outcome & Improvement:

The adoption of Vinyl Cladding has significantly elevated the tasteful ambience at Texan Wing Bar, enhancing the customer experience by offering a hygienic and more durable surface, impervious to dust mites and microscopic bugs. The antibacterial properties of the cladding contribute to superior indoor air quality, fostering a wholesome environment for all.


The innovation in materials like Diamond Core SPC for wall cladding is a game-changer, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic sophistication and functional superiority. Whether you’re an interior designer or aspiring to rejuvenate your space, explore the advancements in cladding materials for your next endeavour.

Contact Conway Flooring and Decking for a quote on your next project and discover the multitude of benefits of our contemporary, premium-quality materials. Embrace innovation with Diamond Core SPC, exploring advanced cladding materials, all backed by our extensive warranty, ensuring a rewarding investment experience.