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Timber Screens

Transform Your Space with Timber Screens

for Privacy and Shade.

Our Timber Screens offer a perfect blend of privacy and shade to create a modern and stylish atmosphere, whether for commercial or residential use.

We provide custom composite and timber solutions to achieve your desired look and feel. With a choice of timbers and profiles, our screens offer seamless integration into any environment. Add warmth, value, and a contemporary touch to any building, old or new.

Trust Conway to provide high-quality Timber Screens that will enhance your space for years.

Discover the Benefits of Our Timber Screens

5 Reasons to Choose Conway Flooring and Decking


Customization: We create timber screens to suit your design needs and preferences.

Privacy and shade: Our timber screens provide privacy and shade to indoor and outdoor spaces. Perfect for commercial and residential applications.

Choice of timbers: Achieve your desired look and feel with timber options.

Contemporary warmth: Add warmth and style to any space, making them ideal for modernizing aging buildings.

Sustainable sourcing: We are committed to sustainability and source our timber from sustainable forests. Our products are environmentally responsible and of the highest quality.