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The Beauty of Our Wood Flooring Solutions.

Discover the timeless elegance of solid wood flooring for your home or office. We take flooring seriously, offering only the best quality products.

Our Fin Oak engineered hardwood flooring range is popular with its beautiful character, durable finish, and versatility.

We are proud to be the only supplier and installer of products that outlive their original warranty. So investing in a quality solid wood floor will add value to your property and last for years.


Our engineered hardwood flooring offers numerous advantages for your home or office space.

 Environmentally Friendly: Our manufacturing process uses less precious wood.

Pre-Finished: Quick and easy installation. As a result, there is no waiting period to walk on your new flooring.

Long Lasting: Our planks can be sanded up to 3 times in their lifecycle, guaranteeing they last for years.

Stable: Our rigid planks resist warping and bending. Providing a stable and secure surface for your space.

Locking System: Our tight-fitting locking system guarantees that water is less likely to penetrate and allows for easy removal and re-installation of damaged or required planks.

FSC Certified: Our commitment to environmental sustainability is reflected in our Forest Stewardship Council certification, promoting responsible forest management globally.



As a proud owner of Solid Wood Flooring, maintaining the beauty of your floors is essential.

Here are some tips to keep them in top condition:

Immediately clean up spills and avoid letting stagnant pools of liquid remain on the floor

Use a damp microfiber cloth or mop for regular cleaning, avoiding excessive amounts of water

Use felt pads under furniture to prevent scratching and avoid dragging furniture across the floor

Use a vacuum cleaner with a brush action, not a beater bar, to clean between the joints

Trim indoor pets’ nails to avoid scratches

Avoid using detergents containing ammonia or brooms with hard bristles, which may damage or stain the wood.