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Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Long-Lasting Composite Decking and Screens.


Composite decking is the perfect solution for low-maintenance and long-lasting outdoor entertainment areas. This weather-resistant and highly durable plastic decking retains its attractive appearance throughout the year with only a fraction of the maintenance time needed for standard wooden decking.

Conway offers several ranges of composite decking, pergolas, balustrades, cladding, and screens, each with varying warranties.


Stability: Minimal movement from expansion and contraction. Natural Aesthetic: The standard for natural-looking composite.

Low-Maintenance: Basic care is all that’s required for optimal longevity. Decay-Resistant: Resists insects, moisture, and weather.

Eco-Friendly: Sustainable manufacturing and use of raw materials.


At Conway Flooring and Decking, we understand that maintaining your outdoor space shouldn’t be a chore.

Our composite decking products are designed to be exceptionally low-maintenance, requiring only light cleaning with standard household tools.

We recommend using a high-pressure hose with a wide fan tip at pressures under 1500 psi to keep your composite decking looking great.

Keep the hose at least 300mm away from the surface when spraying, and for the best results, use a hard-bristled broom and soapy water to scrub the boards while pressure washing.

We recommend pressure washing your boards once a month to keep them looking clean and cared for.

With Conway Flooring and Decking’s composite decking products, you can spend less time worrying about upkeep and more time enjoying your outdoor space.

Trust us to provide high-quality, low-maintenance solutions that stand the test of time.