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Timber Decking Solutions for Any Outdoor Space.

Timber decking is a classic choice for outdoor installations. Our selection of hardwood timbers is unmatched in quality and durability.

Timber is a traditional material used in decking and outdoor applications such as cladding, screens, and furniture.

The natural grains, textures, and colors of timber decking complement almost all environments, providing the area with a sense of charm, warmth, and nostalgia.

We offer various timber decking and installation solutions to suit all environments. Including Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, and Red Balau. All boast natural grains, textures, and colors that complement any environment.


Natural & Sustainable Resource: Our timber decking is beautiful, environmentally sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable. The lowest carbon footprint to comparable building materials.

With its remarkable strength-to-weight ratio and versatility, timber decking is ideal for any outdoor entertainment area.

Workability and versatility: Highly machine-able, fabricated into diverse shapes and sizes.

Fossil fuel free: Unlike other common building materials such as brick, steel, or plastic’s production.



At Conway Flooring and Decking, maintaining your decking is an important part of keeping it looking great for years.

Here are some tips for keeping your decking clean and well-maintained.

Regularly sweeping your decking is an easy way to prevent dirt and debris from building up.

Use mild warm water and liquid dish soap solution for a more thorough cleaning.

You can then use a stiff broom and scrubbing brush to clean your decking deeply.

You can also use a specialty wood deck cleaner or a pressure washer with a wash brush attachment.

If you’re dealing with mold or algae on your decking. Then a ready-to-use concentrated disinfectant treatment is the best way to clean it. Simply spray the treatment onto affected areas and let it dry – there’s no need to pressure wash or scrub beforehand.

You can revitalize and maintain your decking with minimal effort, keeping it looking great for years.

Trust Conway Flooring and Decking to provide the best possible solutions for your outdoor space. Choose our high-quality, sustainable products for a beautiful and long-lasting decking solution.