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Timber Decking vs. Tiles: The Ultimate Showdown in Outdoor Flooring

by | Aug 28, 2023

Choosing the right material for your outdoor flooring is an important decision. Two of the most popular choices are timber decking and tiles. Each comes with its unique features, benefits, and drawbacks.

This article aims to help you make an informed decision by comparing these two options comprehensively.

Timber Decking vs Tiles - The Ultimate Showdown in Outdoor Flooring

Understanding Timber Decking

Timber decking is a traditional and charming choice for outdoor installations. Conway Flooring and Decking offer various types, including Massaranduba, Cumaru, Garapa, and Red Balau. Each boasts unique grains, textures, and colors perfectly complement any environment.

Timber decking is a natural and sustainable resource with a remarkably low carbon footprint compared to other building materials. Its versatility, workability, and fossil-fuel-free production process make it an environmentally friendly and practical choice for any outdoor space.

Maintaining your timber decking is an integral part of its longevity. Routine sweeping, occasional scrubbing with a warm soapy solution, and using specialty wood deck cleaners can keep your decking looking great for years.


A Look at Tiles

Tiles can be a great way to add style to your outdoor living spaces. They come in a vast array of types – from ceramics to porcelain and even natural stone- giving you much room to play around with your preferred style.

Tiles are a low-maintenance option, they are easy to clean and tough on stains. However, remember that tiles can be a little slippery, especially during wet weather. And, unlike timber decking, they might not age as gracefully due to potential chipping or cracking.


Timber Decking vs. Tiles: Comparing Choices

Which one to choose depends on your personal preference, budget, and maintenance readiness.

Timber decking, with its warm and classic appeal, is hard to match. As a natural & sustainable resource, timber decking is beautiful, environmentally sustainable, biodegradable, and renewable. The lowest carbon footprint to comparable building materials.

Tiles offer a sleek and contemporary aesthetic. They’re simple to clean and come in a variety of designs. They can even mimic the look of various materials like stone, wood, or even fabric. However, tiles can be tricky and may not hold up, as well as timber decking when it comes to wear and tear.


Why Conway Flooring and Decking?

We pride ourselves on exceptional quality. Our products have been used in South Africa for over 22 years. So you can rest assured that they will meet your expectations. Our craftsmanship guarantees the completion of every installation is to the highest standards.


Wrapping up

The decision between timber decking and tiles will largely depend on your unique preferences and needs. Both have benefits and can transform your outdoor space into a beautiful, comfortable, relaxing place.

We’re always on standby to help you make the best choice to enhance your outdoor living experience.