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Apex Plus

At Conway Flooring and Decking, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best possible products and materials for their outdoor spaces. Apex PLUS is a natural-looking composite that sets the standard for durability and reliability.

Apex PLUS delivers increased span capability, improved stability, and less expansion and contraction with a cellular-PVC and glass fiber-reinforced core. Also, it requires basic cleaning for optimal longevity, making it a low-maintenance choice that’s perfect for busy homeowners.

Apex PLUS features a protective cap made from a resilient acrylic polymer coating that offers long-term fade, scratch, and stain resistance. Plus, it provides decay resistance against insects, moisture, and natural elements.

Trust us to provide the best possible solutions for your outdoor space, and join us in our commitment to sustainability and protecting our natural resources.


Composition:                    Olyvinylchloride(PVC) 50%, CalciumCarbonate(CaCO3)  31%, Acrylonitrile-butyl acrylate-styrene copolymer 9%, Glass Fibre 1%

Plank Sizes:

Grooved deck board:            144.9mm x 21mm

Square-edged deck board:  140mm x 24mm

Grooved deck board:            140mm x 24mm

Grooved deck board:            190mm x 24mm

Square-edged deck board:  190mm x 24mm

Warranty                                 30 years


Grooved Board

Square Edge Board

Colour Range


Himalayan Cedar

Dual Tone


Arctic Birch

Dual Tone